In recent years, ecological houses have become increasingly popular. Eco-construction is no longer reserved for ecologists. Indeed, more and more English people are getting involved in the project to preserve the environment. But an ecological house also makes it possible to make significant energy savings compared to domestic consumption. The lines that follow take stock of what you need to know about this type of construction. All you need to know to accompany you in your project.

What is an ecological house?

It is important to really know what an ecological house is before starting its construction. An ecological house is a house that respects the environment. Generally speaking, this type of house consumes less than 50 kWhep/m²/year. In other words, an eco-construction reduces the needs, but also the energy losses. It also creates as little pollution as possible. To achieve this, an ecological house must invest in a few points. To find out more, you will find many tips on green building.

Its design must, for example, be in harmony with its environment. Then, it is also necessary to choose the building materials. Indeed, it is necessary to privilege materials of natural origin and recyclable materials. It is also possible to use materials that do not produce polluting energy. Finally, the equipment of an ecological house must also allow the reduction of energy consumption.

What are the preferred building materials?

In order to build an ecological house, it is advisable to use natural but also sustainable materials. Wood is therefore one of the most popular materials for eco-construction. Wood is recyclable, renewable, but also highly insulating. If you don’t want to build a wooden house, you can use it as a framework. It is then possible to combine it with other materials.

You can, for example, use hemp. It is a material that is very popular in eco-construction. Generally speaking, it is mixed with lime. This makes it possible to have a kind of concrete for the construction of a wall. You can also use raw earth or monomur brick.

Choosing the right equipment to use

For your home to be ecological, it is necessary to choose the equipment you will use. Whether it is for ventilation, heating, sanitary facilities, electricity or lighting, it is important to choose the appropriate installations and equipment. For heating, for example, it is advisable to install an ecological heating system.

You can, for example, use an air-to-water heat pump that produces heat and domestic hot water while using little electricity. With this type of pump, the heating bill can be divided by up to 50%. It is also possible to use a wood-burning stove or solar heating.

You should know that an ecological house can also produce its own electricity. To do so, it is possible to install solar panels, wind turbines or a cogeneration boiler. Finally, concerning your appliances, you must check the energy class. You must use category A+ appliances as a minimum.


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